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Hi Guys

I picked up a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle to use torqueBHP with my smartphone but i was wondering, ive got some other OBD scanning tools which i used with a serial cable and an old laptop.

I tried to hook up the bluetooth dongle with them but it defaults to COM7 and in the bluetooth settings com7 is the only option, is there any way i can get it to use com1-4 or that i can redirect it to the lower com ports which are the only options within the scanning software?

Ive checked Device manger and it shows 2 com ports which are 6 & 7 neither of which have the advanced settings tab which would allow the port number to be changed

Any help much is much apreciated


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  1. This Microsoft article looks like it will help you.
  2. Hi

    That looks like it should do the trick

    when i try and run it from the command prompt it cant find it

    C:\windows\system32>change port /query
    'change' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Ive had a quick search around google for any other documentation for the commands but came up empty other than afew forum posts with people having the same issue

    is this something i need to download from somewhere or otherwise enable within XP sp3?
  3. Never mind. . .That is for Terminal Services :(
  4. found this article which let me delete the other unused com ports and geve me the option to pair up the serial port as 3 or 4
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