HP Pavillion dv1060us won't start

I have an HP laptop that I believe was dropped by one of the kids, although no one will admit it. When I press the power button I see blue indicator lights but the fan does not start, no screen image, essentially quiet and it doesn't boot. Any ideas that could cause this? Is this model old and worth it to invest money to repair? It doesn't look old and there is no structural damage to the outside. I apprecaite your input on this. At a minimum if it's not worth restoring is it safe to assume I can take the hard drive out and still get data off of it? I can use a SATA cable to do this correct?


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  1. The easiest way is take it to the professionals...
    It's a laptop, hard to analyst...
    About your hard drive, yes, if it not broken then u can still safe your data from it...

    Anyone had a better idea?
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