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HP Compaq Presario, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+.

Recently, I went to boot up my computer. The computer turned on but I received no display on the monitor. I have replaced the graphics card and the cooling fan. I have tested the power supply on another computer and it is fine. The monitor itself works great on my other computer. I have tried reseting the BIOS by removing the jumpers from the 1-2 position and putting them into the 2-3 position then returning to default prior to restarting the computer. During this, I also removed the lithium battery for a period of 30 mins. All of this and still no display. Any ideas???
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  1. All signs point to a motherboard failure. Have you tried the video card on your other computer, to eliminate it as a cause of your issue?
  2. A dead stick of RAM can cause this type of problem too. I would try booting with each stick of RAM by itself.
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