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I currently have a sapphire 3870. I was wondering what I should upgrade to for ~200 dollars. this is my setup.

ASUS P5Q-E mobo
4GB G-Skill DDR2 ram
obviously 3870
500gb hd
550 W PSU
core 2 quad Q6600 (stock @ 2.4ghz)

I am not a die hard fan I won't kill you if you say I should get some nvidia card, just either way whatever you say I want reason behind it. thanks in advance all :D
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    Hmmm. Here's an option to consider. Sell the 3870 for as much as you can, then go for a 5850. It's more than 200...but the money from the 3870 should help some. Just an idea.
  2. Thanks for the option. The only thing is I don't know how to set up Ebay for selling.. lol. and I don't think I could get more than like $50 for it. but that's an option thank you. Anyone else??
  3. Try Craigslist.
  4. I could probably manage that :D I gotta put my xbox 360 up on there anyways. Anything else? the 5850 is running about 270 @ newegg, which I think is pretty reasonable, they don't have them in stock right now, but i'm sure they will by the time I have the money anyways
  5. Yes, that is an awesome suggestion. Bang for the buck combined with overall awesome performance = happy enthusiasts. I am hoping to get into a 5850/70 by the new year myself.

    But, if the sale of the card doesn't go well, a single 4890 would be a kickass upgrade.
    $10 over budget, but would also put a lot of smiles on your face.
  6. I was thinking the 4890 actually originally. The reason I would really want that is because they are in stock. but depending on when I get the money (should be soon, selling my 360 for like ~150) if they aren't in stock I might just go with the 4890
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