Intel pentium e6500 overclock guide


This is my MACHINE =D:

Intel Pentium E6500 2.93GHz 2mb Cashe
Mobo Asus P5KPL-CM
2x Kingston DDR2 2GB ram 333mhz
Ati Radeon 4870 (1gb DDR3)
Corsair GS700

I wanted to know if some1 could teach me how to OC CPU ... well with catalyst from ati i did override and from 40º~55º now its 44º~60º and i maxed it...

It really help me out at some games ... but i wanted more speed ... so, do you guys thinking OC CPU would help me on games ?

GTA 4 ( running 1024x800 and all specs low and it has some breaks .... now after OC im playing at 1920x1080 60Hz at medium ... Very COOL =D)
Rusty Hearts (Online)(it was some breaks there now not anymore and its very smoothly)
Test Drive Unlimited ( TDU2 it not almost launch ... its very slow ... and at LOW LOW LOW can't play properly [This is NOT after the OC on ATI] and i will try install again...
Skyrim its now cool payable..

Thank you and waiting for awnsers xD
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  1. Really i need to know ... i don't want a GREAT OC just an OC ... from 2.93ghz to 3.50ghz coz i don't wanna my computer goes that great coz the temperature =P ...
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