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HP Compaq Presario, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+.

Recently, I went to boot up my computer. The computer turned on but I received no display on the monitor. I have replaced the graphics card and the cooling fan. I have tested the power supply on another computer and it is fine. The monitor itself works great on my other computer. I have tried reseting the BIOS by removing the jumpers from the 1-2 position and putting them into the 2-3 position then returning to default prior to restarting the computer. During this, I also removed the lithium battery for a period of 30 mins. All of this and still no display. Any ideas???
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  1. I would test your RAM as the next course of action. Download MemTest86+ 4.0 (latest version) from Burn the disc image using G-burner or similar .ISO mounting software.

    With the memtest disc in your optical drive, restart your computer. When the system reboots, press any key (if opted to) to boot from disc. Memtest will run and test your RAM w/o interaction from you. Allow the test to run overnight (or at least 10 hours).
  2. T_T... NO VIDEO!! Pressing ANY key will do no good if you can't see the result... Lois5181, pull all memory out of the motherboard, note the orientation. Put ONE chip at a time into the first slot and attempt to boot the machine... video?... beeps?... anything? Are you sure the video card you're trying to test also works? Try all the memory chips you have, hopefully one or more will get you video...
  3. Well I suppose I could have been more clear, but I was under the impression that the OP was smart enough to deduce testing RAM in the computer that does have a display.

    But you're absolutely right marcellis22, running MemTest in a computer that will not display is not feasable.

    Lois5181, if after trying the suggestions given by marcellis22 you don't have any positive results, follow the link in my signature to the troubleshooting guide. At the bottom of the troubleshooting guide there is a link to a breadboarding guide. Breadboarding helps determine if there is a short somewhere.

    Good luck
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