GA-EX58-UD5 Win7 install problem

Recently I bougth new hardware to replace my old PC. Unfortunately after puting it all together I couldn't install OS.
I have tried several times, with different disks, BIOS settings, even bought new SATA DVD-rom ( as I figured out my old IDE might be a problem )
Some symptoms:
I boot the PC from original Windows 7 Professional 64bit OEM DVD, When it boots up, it takes quite a long time to show the "Installing Windows 7" window ( about 10+ min ). After pressing "Install Now" button it takes another 5-10 min to get to the license accepting part. Next the HDD choice screen - I have my disk listed. It copies the files in less than a second ( well, at least it says so ) and then, problems begin!
- During the unpacking of win files it generates an error, that some files might be corrupted or "Windows can;t install required files . File might by damaged or does not exist...." error code: 0x80070570
- When it finally finish unpacking the files, reboot the pc, and try to install required services ( as it says ) I got the bsod - it surprisingly auto reboot, so I can't even read what it says.
I have tried installing OS from flash drive and got about same results .

When I try formating my HDD from linux boot DVD ( Slackware 64 ) with mkfs.ext2/3/4 I got kernel panic. The linux iso is not corrupted, my DVD-ROM is working fine. The HDD seems to be ok - I have checked it on another PC, running slackware 64 bit ( installed from exactly the same boot DVD that I got kernel panic from ). There is a difference in behavior of the mkfs.ext3 - It sees only about 3k block groups when running on slackware booted from DVD and 7453 block groups on PC.

My hardware:

Core i7 920
OCZ 3x2GB 1333 CL7
GeForce 260 GTX SOC ( Gigabyte )

HDD is connected to SATA2_1, DVD-ROM to SATA2_5.

I'm not sure is it hardware problem, but for me, and some tech gurus that I have talked to, it seems so. I'll probably post the thread on some Win7 forums to see what they would tell me.
I'm sorry for my language mistakes. I'm not native english speaker, but I hope It is understandable what I have written.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. You likely have memory troubles; download MemTest86+ here:
    unzip to .iso file, use nero or roxio (or whatever you have) to burn the iso to a CD; makes a bootable, comprehensive memory tester; win installs are a pretty good 'stress test', all by themselves, and will cause trouble if memory setup isn't completely stable...
  2. I have run memtest several times - it seems one module is damaged. ( 2k errors in 15%)
    I'm really grateful for the advice - I was so sure the RAM shouldn't be an issue ^^
    I'll try to install OS on other 2 modules - if everything goes ok, I'll have a nice talk with the shop support, convincing them to exchange whole set for working ones... ;]
    One more time - Thanks!
  3. :hello: Always welcome!
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