Stock i7 920 & prime95 failures


I am new to computers and built my first one a few days ago. After doing some reading I have learned I should test my stablization with prime95. Everything is stock, nothing is overclocked. All bios have been updated, windows 7 has been updated, and all drivers have been updated.

I ran coretemp to measure my cpu temps.
I ran prime95 to test it.

After about 3-5 minutes the comptuer will crash to a blue screen. It only stays up for a moment so I can't read what it says. I believe it says a million things plus "memory dump".

I do not know if this is enough information to help you help me. Again, please excuse the ignorance, but I am trying to learn on my own. Specs are below:

i7 920 cpu
ocz 1600 ddr3 ram (triple channel 6gb)
ATI 4890 GPU
cosair 750 PSU
Asrock Extreme MB

Thanks for the guidance. If more info is needed, please tell me what that would be and I will add it. Thank you again.
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  1. Have you run memtest?
    What are your temperatures? (use HWmonitor)
  2. I ran into the same problem when I was trying for a 3.2Ghz OC on my Q6600. Might be Windows 7 itself not liking Prime95. I even put my voltage quite a bit above what I need to run my Q6600 at 3GHz, set my memory timings to spec and the memory voltage was at spec (2.1v).

    As I said, it might just be Windows 7 itself.
  3. My temps in the 4 minutes that it ran were 74 max at 100% load. Of course they dropped as load dropped.

    Also, it is a antec 900 case with plenty of cooling going on.

    Not sure what a memory test is. What would that be?

    Thats memtest86. It will run a test on your memory to make sure its stable and working. They can even make a ISO so you can load it via CD drive since floppy has ceased to exist.
  5. I don't think memtest86 works with windows 7 won't let me install.
  6. You need to set your bios to boot from cd, and boot memtest from the cd; memtest doesn't rely on the OS so it is purely testing your hardware.
  7. for memtest86 the boot cd has to be an image. don't just copy the file onto a cd.

    I have the same problem, although I have an older system. What did it for me was the ram speed (I have a northbridge, so my memcontroller is on the motherboard). I had to lower my ram speed down to 1067 MHz in order to pass everything. Even though I have 1600 speed ram.

    Another good test was inteltest I think it is...good stress test for the CPU
  8. japps2 check your ram's timings + voltage. Sometimes the mobo defaults to voltage and timings that cause the ram to be unstable at listed speeds.
  9. ^+1. Also run Memtest86+. Download the ISO and "Burn" the IMAGE to the CD using a program like ImgBurn:

    Just burning the file the normal way WILL NOT work.
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