WEI Difference for Same SSD

Just bought two different systems using the same SSD. Here are the relevant parts:

System 1 --
I5 2500K (not overclocked)
Plextor 128GB SATA III
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 @ 1600
Windows 7 Professional 64BIT
500GB SATA III Internal 'Storage' Drive

System 2 --
MSI P67A-C43(B3)
I5 2500
Plextor 128GB SATA III
8GB Patriot Game 2 Series 1600 @ Auto Speeds (I'm assuming is 1333)
Windows Home Premium SP-1 64BIT
3TB SATA III Internal 'Storage' Drive
MSI TwnFrzn 560 TI

For WEI Primary Hard Disk score, System 1 gets a 7.7 and System 2 gets a 6.8.

I know that WEI is basically worthless, but I'm curious as to why there is a nearly 1 point difference. I can say this, System 1 does seem to be more zippy, and definitely boots up quicker.

Is it that System 2's MB is a 'budget' model that was around $100 while System 1 has more of an enthusiast MB that is $200?

Is it the difference in OS versions?

Any input would be great just to help me understand.
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  1. First download, install and open AS-SSD.
    Do not need to run the bench mark, but look in the upper left. You will see the driver and a Green "OK"
    The driver should be iastor or msahci. You should also see green OK for the partition Offset. Don't need to run the bench mark, if you do DO NOT run often.

    You're right WEI is a poor Benchmark, but it often identifies problems. In both systems that SSD should score about 7.8 give or take a .1 (7.6 may be ok as it will very slightly as trim kicks in and out).

    On the two systems, are the SSDs both on a intel SATA III connector, and if so are they both using the same Intel driver version (Intel RST is up to 10.6 I think). Note: Looks like that is the only controller on both your MB, some have an additional Marvel Sata III controller.

    Added: link to as-ssd
    Intel RST driver (latest version):*&DownloadType=Drivers
  2. Thanks Chief.

    My instincts on the low WEI score were the same -- that it indicated a potential problem.

    Thanks for the suggestions -- I'll check them out when I get home from work.

    Thinking about both of my builds, the drivers MSI provided w/ the board (and the most up to date ones available on the website) are older than what EVGA provides. Perhaps an update of the drivers and SSD firmware will fix it up.

    I'll report back.
  3. Okay...Soooo.

    My driver says pciide.

    I will not let me install intel RST. It says that I have incompatible hardware.

    Guess I'll have to check into that.
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    Yea, pcide not good.
    There is a way to fix that.

    - run regedit.
    - go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Msahci
    - right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
    - In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    - exit the registry editor.

    Requires a reboot and enter the BIOS, Enable AHCI, save and exit. On boot Windows will detect the changes made and reinstall needed drivers. Requires another reboot.

    Once thats done AHCI enabled.
    May need to verify that trim is enabled.

    For converting to ahci may also look at this:

    Then there is the old (hard) way; Reinstall with the bios set to ahci

    Once you've converted to ahci, you should be able to install the Intel RST
  5. Turns out all I had to do was enable AHCI in the BIOS. It's interesting, I didn't have to do that with my EVGA chipset. Once it was enabled, everything installed and worked perfectly.

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