Dark Rock Pro- Help! Power Cycling

I just installed this cpu cooler as carefully as i possibly could.

Now the computer power cycles when i switch it on (fans start then stop immediately, no beeps).

Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 rev 1.3.

The installation itself went smoothly. hsf does not contact anything except maybe the cpu retention mechanism, retraced all my steps, reconnected motherboard power and frontpanel connectors- i couldnt be more stumped as to what's wrong with it!

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  1. I have a feeling its the front panel connectors. I've tried reversing the polarity of the power switch though and that didn't work. Suggestions anyone?
  2. Well, while its not the safest thing to do you can tap the power connectors on the motherboard with a flat head screw driver or something and it should work (I have done this in a previous build to make sure everything worked) just make sure you KNOW exactly what is what and where you want to touch... you could brink your board doing this.
  3. turned out it was a faulty motherboard. got it replaced, im happy. thanks for the help guys! appreciate it!
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