How to connect Playstation2 to my vga monitor

Hi i have an PS2 which i want to use it with my vga monitor,but i dont know how to connect it.I also have an XFX geforce 6600 graphic card in my pc with an DVI-Out,can i connect through it or else is there any procedure could you please tell me..
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  1. Easiest way would be to get either:

    1: Component -> VGA converter cable
    2: Buy a third party PS2 VGA cable (I know a few exist...)
  2. thanx 4 your suggestion...
    Could you please explain me briefly how to connect with those cables you suggested me....
  3. Component/Composite -> VGA Converter:
    Simply plug the relevent video plugs into the converter, then plug the VGA end into you're moniter.

    VGA Cable:
    Buy a third party cable that instead of component/composite, uses VGA is its output type. (Such cables still come with stereo RCA plugs for sound)
  4. dudeeee........thanx a lot man...
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