Where do I need to use cartonboard washers on my motherboard

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  1. Also I couldn't find any cartonboard washers around where I live. Would small nylon plastic washers work?
  2. Do you mean the mounting holes? I dont think you absolutely need to use those little washers. There isnt any wires or chip under where the screw goes
  3. DougEFresh,

    I looked at the motherboard you linked to (BIOSTAR A785G3), all of your holes are metalized ON THE BOTTOM (look at the picture of the bottom of the board to see what I mean... you'll see metal contacts surrounding each screw hole).

    Read this topic:

    In conclusion, DO NOT use the washers unless (1) the hole is totally not metalized AND (2) has a track running close in the area where the head of the screw would touch it. The latter I think would be unlikely (and I didn't notice it on your board in the high-res picture)
  4. Yeah, the washers are probably just for extra safety and make it feel like a tighter fit
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