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Hello people...

I have a WD 1Tb HDD on a SATA connection.

Recently I'm getting the 'Delayed write failed' i.e. error. At first i got $Mft message and later I started getting error message for different files present on my HDD. All those files are present on my HDD though. Sometimes my PC doesnt boot only. Othertimes when I start my PC, I get the consistency check for that HDD. :( ( Note that it is not the drive containing my windows files i.e. the boot drive )

Now coincidently or otherwise ( i dont know ) :??: , the same problem had occured for one of my previous 500Gb Samsung HDD. That HDD I sent to samsung and am waiting for their reply. ( Most probably they are going to replace it and give me a new one ). But for that HDD the consistency check returned bad sectors/segments for some. Also note that after the consistency check for the drive the HDD became inaccessible and properties showed 0 free disk space and 0 capacity. Also my PC became fairly slow. Using some software i dont remember ( might be Hiren's ) I checked the HDD and all the files were present which I luckily backup-ed but the thing is I didnt expect the same thing to happen with another of my HDD :cry: .

Also there are some things I have noticed -

1) When there is 264 Gb free disk space in the 1Tb HDD ..... I dont get the consistency check nor delayed write failed. Before
when there was 249 Gb free on HDD and I tried to install a 15 Gb game ..... amidst the installation I again started getting the delayed write failed error. ( I had got the message before too when there was 254 Gb free ). Then my windows refused to completely boot. I got nicely till the desktop but then it seemed to go so slow that nothing can be done the cursor was well moving though. In safe mode i checked the HDD and saw that almost 8.5 Gb of the game files were installed. I deleted that folder and moved about 15 Gb to another HDD. Then my PC booted successfully.

2) The current WD-HDD is on the same SATA port with same SATA cable. ( When previous HDD failed , I tried changing both but the HDD was still in accesssible ). :ouch:

3) There is this mrtstub file present in the hard drive in a random numbered folder. ( This file I think was also present on my previous HDD when it made me go through the fiasco) :o . Now I know this is the Malicious Software Removal Tool file but i'm concerned since it is present on a HDD which has got no windows files in it i.e. it is not my boot HDD ). I also read about it being a malware and running too many processes that the PC slows down or hangs. So thought it might be related.

I have searched the net and read about ATI drivers, UDMA , Large disk cache etc etc. But because of the things mentiond above i'm confused. I want to know your views on this...... I'm seriously and sincerely confused so please people help me......!!!!!
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  1. Have you tried checking the smart values on the drive? HDTune or speedfan can do this for you. Also, have you run memtest86 at all? Unstable ram can cause file/disk corruption. Also, it wouldn't hurt to run malwarebytes on there to check for any nasty malware.
  2. okay i'll try it and tell you the results...
    thnxx for the reply :)
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