Need help with super budget upgrade

hello. im helping my friend with upgrading his computer because i found out that his mobo was dead
so im keeping, E2140 1.6Ghz, 2GB DDR2 pc2 5300, 250GB HDD, ODD.
for UNDER 300$
i need a 775 mobo, that can OC moderately( i was thinking gigabyte p31 or a mobo that suports lowest ram FSB ratio), a graphics card (9800gt seems best with this budget), a cheap case that looks okay, and power supply that can handle e2140 OC and 9800gt
thank you
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  1. Graphics card, check out a 4850 in the same price range, it's a lot better card than the 9800gt.

    9800gt for 89.99

    4850 for 99.99, but free shipping. The 9800gt does not look to have the free shipping, so add that back in, not much difference.

    If you wanted to take a step down to save $$, newegg has this 9600 gso for 60, but a 20 dollar mail in rebate puts the price at 40 bucks.
  2. There are 9600gso on newegg for 44, a great deal
  3. thanks for ideas.
    i will consider all choices.

    for mobo, i decided to get gigabyte g31 because i have experience with this board in my second computer. and it also overclockes moderately(e1400, 2.0 to 3.2)
    and what about this xfx 9800gt free shipping
    or 4850 grad mentioned
    case rosewill mATX 24.99
    psu - OCZ StealthXStream OCZ400SXS 400W

    total only about 250 (less is always great)
    i think im going too tight with psu, but i have another system with corsair 450w with e4400 OC, gts 250, p35, 3x HDDs.
  4. help me with choosing psu please

    i researched this mobo G31, and found out that peak watt is only 61W plus e5300 OC(im thinking 150W at the most) plus 4850(i believe also 150W peak) with one HDD, one ODD, 2sticks of DDR2, 2 fans.
    i think OCZ 400 or Corsair 400W will be good enough
    what do you think
  5. The corsair should be good.

    They've also got the Antec Earthwatts 380 watt for 45 which should do the job as well.
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