Dell Monitor Shootout!!

Ok so I've decided to upgrade my monitor (also want to see if I can game with 2, but more on that later).

I currently have:
Sceptre x24wg
Here's the manufacturer's website

I am thinking of getting one of three different dell monitors (I'll post which ones in a minute, just hold your horses!!) to replace the sceptre as my main and either sell it or use it as a second depending on my in game performance (I currently have i7 and gtx 260, but might be upgrading gfx soon, so probly use as second monitor)...although as a side note i am open to any suggestions for different monitors.

I mainly Game and watch movies on my pc, Game performance is slightly more important than video quality.
I DO NOT edit videos or photographs so I do not need perfect color range, but am more than welcome to better over worse.

Ok, so there's my main uses and what I'm lookin for...which one of these three would be best for my needs/wants:

1:) Dell g2410 24" 1920x1200 16:10 LED backlit monitor $259 at (also seen on ebay for 215 w/free shipping) --least expensive option

2:) Dell SP2309 23" 2048x1152 16:9 Monitor currently on sale for $259 this one has many more features than the g2410 and has a higher resolution but is not LED so more power consumption, and lower contrast.

3:D Dell 2408 WFP 24" VA panel 1920x1200 16:10 Monitor easily the best quality monitor but also the most expensive at $449 at dell and $400 at amazon.

Also I am more than open to any other suggestions...Please try to keep it under $400
If the price is around $200-250ish I'll be buying within a couple weeks, otherwise (like option 3) I'll be waiting for a month or two till I pay off my credit card to get the monitor.

Thank you in advance and please let me know which of option 1 or 2 is better and if option 3 is worth the extra $150 or not.
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  1. Although I do love a good Dell monitor, they're usually a bit overpriced.

    After searching around Newegg, I found this:

    24", 1920x1080, 2ms response, HDMI, DVI, and VGA, its' got a lot going for it, especially for $215. If I had some more money, I'd probably go for it, but I'll probably get a 22", as I've got around $170 to spend.
  2. I can agree man. I even see deals on newegg for say 120-140 for 22 inch mnitors fairly often.
  3. @Proximon HOLY CRAP!!! That is very useful and I'm currently suffering from sensory overload...WOW...Talk about a lot of information.

    Thank you and I will definitely update my current favorites/choices once I've sorted out all the information.
  4. Best answer
    I've heard a lot of good things about option 3, that'd probably be my first pic if you're ok with the price. I actually own an S2409 and it's a great monitor. I got it on sale for $249 Canadian. Assuming the S line is all similar i'd definitely recommend the SP2309. I actaully was going to purchase that same monitor but dell went out of stock for like 3 months. I phoned them and they didn't have a clue whether they were getting more :(

    I've used and seen a lot of monitors and i'd have to say Dell makes the best for gaming. Despite the S series being the cheap panel types their colour reproduction isn't bad. I manually calibrated mine using The contrast is very uniform, the gamma colour isn't bad but it's not perfect. The black and white level definition is quite impressive for a TN panel. I can see differences between numbers 2 and 3 of black. As well as 251 and 252 of white. It does have some minor gradient banding though.

    Definitely not overpriced.
  5. woops! meant to just do an update not a post... my bad anyway my current favorite is the SP2309W because of the price, performance, and features...I can get the g2410 for cheaper and while it performs about as good as sp2309w it doesn't have many of the features so I'm still deciding between...

    I've decided not to get the 2408wfp because its too expensive for too little benefit.

    Thanks everyone for the input especially Proximon and Lucuis.
  6. Ok I've decided that I'm going to order the SP2309W

    I believe it is the best value for the price and Will let you guys know what I think of it once it arrives next week (crosses fingers)
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