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ok i have a 300 GB HP Pavillion Slimline with XP Pro, which i had a friend put on it cuz vista sux...neways, my fan keeps making this loud obnoxious buzzing sound sometimes continuous, sometimes not at all, if i have it in my bedroom its constant but when i hook the VGA to my tv in the living room i barely get anything out of it, would i need a new fan, or is it something else entirely?
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  1. If it's out of warranty (or even if it still is) Open up the tower and identify the fan.

    If it's a case fan, you can unplug it and run the pc but you should keep an eye on temperatures using something like HWMonitor (free software)

    If it's the CPU fan, change it.

    If it's the Power Supply fan, get a new power supply... for an HP a 40$ Thermaltake430W will do a fantastic job.

    There are also good chances that a lose wire is just near A fan causing that noise...

    All in all, open it, identify and resolve... think of it as Advanced Lego.
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