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I just bought the Apevia Q-Pack to build a home pc. After looking at it, I see that it only comes with one SATA cable. However, I am pretty sure that both the DVD drive and Hard Drive need a SATA power connection. What is the remedy for this? Thanks.
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  1. Motherboards come with several SATA cables. I have a bunch left over from previous builds.

    Extra SATA cables are available for a few dollars from numerous online vendors. They come in a variety of lengths and colors.
  2. So the dvd drive and hard drive arent connected to the power supply? do they each draw their power through the MOBO?
  3. Both drives require two connections - one for power from the psu and one to transfer data to and from the motherboard.

    Each drive is powered by the power supply. The power supply normally comes with the power cables for those devices.

    Data is transferred between the motherboard and the devices via a SATA cable. The motherboard usually comes with the SATA cables.
  4. Right, but i am pretty sure that the power chord for the hard drive and dvd-drive is also called a SATA and there is only one for this PSU (, so is there a way to split it or do i need a different psu?
  5. I just took a look. You are correct. The included power supply has only one SATA power cable. What I can't tell from the specs and the photos is whether that power cable for SATA devices has just one connector or mutiple connectors for two or three devices. If there are mutiple connectors attached to the cable, then you're all set because you can connect multiple devices to that cable. If not, then Sata to molex (or molex to SATA) cable adapters are available for a few dollars from numerous online vendors. Either way you will be okay.
  6. thanks
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