Is this normal temp behavior?

Good Monring!

This is my first time posting on this forum, but definately not my first time viewing. Everyone here has been instrumental in my most recent computer build; so thanks for all who post and answer!

Now that's out of the way, on to my question. Just built my second system, and I feel pretty proud of it. However, this is my first time using liquid CPU cooling, and my first time overclocking. That being said, I've never really paid attention to any temperatures except my video card in my old, poorly ventialted heat box. My new system runs very cool, and now that I'm monitoring the CPU temps I have a question.

I'm a bit paranoid about the thermal contact, so i'm wondering if it is normal in an intel burn test for the following to happen:

1. Idle temp: 27-30C
2. Start burn test at maximum and temp goes to 57-60 in literally one second. hangs out stable at 60 for as long as the test is running
3. When test is stopped or complete, temp falls back to 30C in 1-2 seconds...

My thoughts are that temps are falling so quickly because the cooler is working well... just not sure why they're rising so quickly. Is that normal? I'm using 2 different monitoring programs (F-tune and HWMonitor) and they both read the same.

Amplifying Information: Case temp is 27, MB temp is 28

Sorry for the long-winded nature. Just new to the OC game and don't want to mess anything up.
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  1. Sorry, no specs posted. Let's see if my signature works this time.
  2. That is actually pretty normal- you shouldn't worry about it. Were you posting in the watercooling forum to look for other cooling options, or was it accidental? Just trying to help if I can. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  3. What components do you have in your loop?
  4. It seemed like the best place to post, since my questions was about the effects of water cooling on cpu temps. Also, I had no replies to the same question when I posted in the CPU forum.

    I have my CPU cooled by an H100 in a 650D. I have the 2 stock fans pulling and 2 Enermax 120mm fans pushing. There wasn't enough room to mount the block with the push/pull initially, so the 2 stock fans are mounted on top the case.
  5. That's expected. Keep in mind that the temperature sensors measure the chip temperature, not the coolant temperature, and the chips instantly produce heat once they start working on something.
  6. Great, that makes sense. Thanks for the advice!
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