Speed or timings?

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  1. It really depends on what motherboard and CPU you are using it with. Both are overclocked DDR2 800. Standard DDR2 800 runs at 1.8v and cas 5 5 5 15. In the case of the Mushkin the extra volts allow faster timings and the GSkill raises clock speed the same way. I have Corsair that is 2.1v cas 4 4 4 12.
  2. Biostar TA780GM2+
    Phenom 8650 triple core

    I understand that the mobo has to support the ram type but why else does my mobo and cpu type matter??
  3. Not as much with an AMD but with Intel Core2 chips it matters somewhat to match the front side bus or FSB. I would go for the 1066 with that combo.
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