Corsair 500r - H80 vs H100, or other?

I am setting up a new build and looking to get a decent cooler for it. I don't want to spend more than $100 which is what I can get the H100 or H80 for.

Case: 500r
CPU: 2500k
MB: ASRock Extreme4 Gen3
PSU: Corsair TX 750

If I get the H100 it will fit nicely on top of the 500r, but if I get the H80 could I mount it on the top or would the best place be in the back of the case?
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  1. Eh, either are fine for that budget, but will perform about as well as good air coolers. So I suppose it really comes down to personal preference and your expectations. If you are expecting watercooling performance from these coolers, you will be marginally disappointed. They aren't bad by any means, but they aren't really that great either.
  2. They are still way better than air cooling in cases where the graphics cards create so much heat it increases the tempurature of the CPU such as my case. I went from the largest noctua fan to a h100 and the upgrade was well worth it. Dropped from 50 degrees idle down to 35 degrees on an i72600k @4.2ghz.
  3. ^This would be caused by a case with poor airflow. If you removed the side panel of your case and used a house fan on HIGH, I bet your temps would be much different. This is indicative of a scenario where poor case airflow keeps heat trapped inside and causes heat soak on other components. A LCS cooler like this or an actual water loop transports the heat away from the components it cools and dissipates that heat remotely. Since water is able to absorb and transfer heat much better than air alone, it typically remains as a more efficient method of cooling even when used on the exact same heat-producing components.
  4. ^I have amazing airflow in my case, i have a coolermaster storm sniper with 3 240mm fans. and 3 120 mm fans along and the 120mm fans are 79cfm ones as well so plenty of airflow. The side is an intake, the front is an intake, the bottom is an intake, the top and back fans are outtakes. So plenty of airflow.
  5. There is typically no difference in cooling capacity between a Noctua and H100 given you have the same airflow. This would either be a cooler problem or mounting problem, then.
  6. Well thats what i originally thought but i do have quite a hot case regardless. I have 2 470 gtxs which run at about 70 degrees - 83 degrees celcius idle and 100 degrees with load at 90% fan speed. I have an xfi in between the two cards, then i have 8 hard drives and a bluray drive and dvd drive. So yeah im pretty sure i had a hot case and now with the h100 i noticed a huge difference.

    Every computer is different just like people some people have different experiences with different coolers and my experience with the h100 is that it cools more effectively than the noctua i had.
  7. Quote:
    I have 2 470 gtxs which run at about 70 degrees - 83 degrees celcius idle and 100 degrees with load at 90% fan speed.

    This would be a relatively good indicator you aren't getting good case airflow. The before/after with your CPU coolers creates a rather interesting question of how it made an impact like that with a relatively 1:1 cooling capability for the CPU coolers used. After the switch the the H100, what are your GPU idle/load temps?

    (This is very perplexing to me, to say the least...)
  8. My gpu idle temps are about the same although they went down by about 2 degrees. The 470s run really hot even with direct airflow from a 240mm fan at max. Believe me i want to upgrade to the 560s which run so much cooler but i cant because of funds. I thought about buying water blocks for the 470s but once i spend that much money on them i might as well buy new cards for the ammount i need to spend to get them. The max thermal threshold on 470 gtx is around 110 degrees celcius
  9. mr mightymax - hate to crush your grape seed into juice but if you even look at reviews and reviewers, you'll know that the LCS coolers were designed to chase the high end *air* coolers. They all perform on par with eachother. Coolit's, corsairs Hxx series and antec's kuhler and the megahelms. The only trump card air coolers have are the price's while the LCS' are just weight friendly to the mobo and cleaner to look at :)

    Its true that the 470's are bar-b-q grade cards :lol: but i saw a thread on evga where the OP simply changed the TIM on his card and temps dropped from what you're seeing by 6~C's around the 70's(mid)
  10. I had 3 470s in my Raven RV02 and never saw over 70C at 100% load. Just sayin' ;)

    @OP - I'd go for the H100. You'd be getting a dual radiator, which is much better than the single rads.
  11. oh yeah i forgot teh OP's question - yeah +1 to boiler.
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