Agility 3 is this price worth it?

A 240gb Agility 3 for 340 dollars? Is there anything out there that can beat that price? I saw Tom's article and it says...

"At around $330, you have three choices: the 120 GB Vertex 3, 180 GB Agility 2, and the 160 GB SSD 320. If you are willing to give up some capacity for better performance (and you own a motherboard with 6 Gb/s connectivity), the 120 GB Vertex 3 is a good choice. "

So I'm thinking its a steal, and I know I don't have Sata 6gb/s on my motherboard but I will be switching over to Socket 2011 in the fall. I was thinking about getting an SSD then too, but this seems like a good deal.
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  1. Where are you getting this deal from for the Agility 3? It is roughly $100 off any price I've seen before and is a good deal. I would say buyer beware as there has been many noted issues with the newer Sandforce controller. It looks like currently the Crucial m4 is the more reliable drive.
  2. Hardware OC coupon. I'm not sure if I can post it here or not? Might be against the rules or advertising or something. Regardless its on TigerDrirect 30 dollars off, and than the HOC coupon adds on to that.

    But even with the price said would it be better to go for the Crucial m4? Or just keep waiting till I upgrade my whole PC?
  3. If the coupon is still good for late 2011 | early 2012, I truthfully would wait. You will be getting a complete new build and hopefully by that time, the Sandforce 2200 issues will be resolved or newer Sandforce drivers out providing better performance.

    Otherwise, I would go with the Crucial m4 with the coupon...
  4. No the coupon ends today, and its only for the Agility 3, nothing else.
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    Go with the Agility at that deal...Just backup data & pray for no RMA process :)
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  7. if you do buy that drive(I wouldn't)?.. then you will want to update to the latest 2.11 firmware to work around all the other underlying issues with some systems(particularly newer Intel 6G platforms).

    Most may not know.. but as of late?.. the SF2xxx series issues have been slowly but steadily reduced through newer OROM's, sata drivers, and proven workarounds. 2.11 seems to be noticably faster(some are showing new "personal best" benchmarks) and is on the right track to providing workarounds from the firmware's side for many of the other players involved in that mess. Onward and upward.
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