Hello everyone. i upgraded my motherboard amd phenom 2 x4 810 processor in my new moyherboard the ASUS M4A79XTD DDR3. but for some reason i am not getting any signal from graphics card which should lead to monitor.I am gettign absolutely no signal. Prior to that,I bouhhyyhe gama790xtud4p and i had the same problem which i got no display signal. I even changed the video card tried another one. same problem. i changed the monitors, same problem, [ changed the cables and once again the same problem. I dont knowwhat to do. This is a big mystery to me?PLEASE HELP ME!!does anyone know whatto o or what the problem is"?
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  1. Try resetting your BIOS to defaults. Read your motherboard manual on how to do this (usually a jumper).

    Besides no video signal, does the computer seem to boot normally? Do you hear any beeps, etc?

    No video signal doesn't always mean there's an issue with the monitor or video card.
  2. A "no video" problem can be any number of things. Here's a checklist to assist in troubleshooting your problem. The chances are very good that you will solve your problem if you perform EVERY step in the checklist.

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