Possible overheating issue

My brand new custom built system:
core 2 quad q8200
ga ep45 ds3p
corsair 1gig ram
1 tb hdd
600w psu
nvidia 8800 gts 320mb

My pc seems to start at a system temperature of 39 degrees
then it goes up to 45 in about 3 hours
the core temperautes are always about 45 degrees each.

I have 4 case fans, two at the front blowing in cold air
and one small fan at the back sucking the air out
plus a fan on the side of the panels
also my gpu is always about 60 degrees.
Is this normal?
if not could you recomend some good cpu fancoolers or case coolers
also ive heard water cooling works best for cpu is this true
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  1. It sounds a bit high to me. I have never had an intel chip, but I will assume that you put this rig together. The most basic question is did you use thermal paste between the cpu and heatsink... I would assume so, but just to cover the bases.
    What is the temp of the room? Are you overclocked? I use coretemp to report my temps and my cores never exceed the room temp by 15-20 (Fahrenheit) . I have a Xigmatek aftermarket... it was a bit of a pain to install, but well worth it to me. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233012&cm_re=xigmatek_120mm-_-35-233-012-_-Product

    As far as the GPU, I have never had to replace the stock fan on my video card... but there are a ton of options. Water cooling falls into the same category, never done it... haven`t needed it. I would try to get those temps down though.
  2. thanks for the reply

    BTW my room temperature is always around about 20 degrees celcius
    also i was talking to one of my relatives and he was telling me that 45 degrees for the cpu is very hot because the temp is that high when im barely using any cpu power.
    he told me to stress test it and see if it goes over about 50 degrees i should get a new cpu fan.
    Is there any stress testing software i could use?
  3. Read and heed:


    This is a very cost-effective solution:


    p.s. I think this is the 100th time I've posted
    these same recommendations: Intel has a
    chronic problem with those stupid push-pins.

    Fortunately, Sidewinder's solutions work great
    and we speak from direct experience.

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