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Bad block on a RAID hdd

Event viewer is showing bad blocks on my Raid hdd that is freezing after booting into Windows Server 03. I was thinking of running a chkdsk /r to fix it, but read about someone that used Seatools for DOS. What is the best software/app to use to fix a drive with bad blocks? Also, I will have to run the utility before booting into Windows, like from a CD iso image. Is there any chance of damage to the raid by running a utility on the C: drive?
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  1. Backup your data first before you try to do anything. I seen many cases by running a utility and hope to fix the issues. But, RAID failed and lose all the data.
  2. Download r-studio ( and immediately stop using the disks and image them to good storage. You can then work with these images to recover data if need be. Continuing to run those disks lessens your chance of a successful recovery.
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    Have you tried EASEUS's solution to disk management?

    we'll also need to know what RAID array you'r working with now;


    dunno if the above links help, just contributing :)
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