Core i7 2600k and Intel Extreme Series DZ68BC

I have a question for you guys.
I am going to order intel core i7 2600k cpu and Intel Extreme Series DZ68BC board this week.
Since this is my first Intel based PC ever ( now I am on amd 1090t which lacks raw power in todays demanding games) I want to know how much I will be able to oveclock the cpu on this particular board ?
The computer will be used mostly for gaming.
I already selected and buy other components which are the following:

LC arkanger modular power suply with 850watts and 74 ampers aon 12v lines

16GB (4x4) g.skill 1333mhz memory

2x 150gb raptor raid for system
2x 500gb for data (discs are used from my amd build and i will add ssd later)

Inwin maelstrom extended ATX case

2x MSI N560ti twin frozr 2 each with 2gb ddr5 ram in sli configuration.
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  1. stay with 2600k it can overclock upto 4.6ghz while 1090 can't for gaming the cpu is 2500k but you haave already a good mind for 2600k and drop the memory to 8gb it's enough for gaming now 16gb will be useless and yes, if you want to do extra tasking like video editing,photoshop,conversion so there 16gb can help you.
  2. Yes my only concern is if i will be able to OC it so much on intel extreme board ?
  3. welp, ive had the board for about 2 weeks now, and honestly... i cant figure it out, i got my 2500k set to 4.5 ghz max turbo frequency but for some reason it will not exceed 4.0 i have no clue why. ive only been tinking with overclocking on this board for a couple days now but this is the first stable clock ive gotten and its not even the one that it is supposed to be. other than that though its been an awesome board so far
  4. Yeah, i set the bios options to allow for 4.2 on all cores, but it never goes above 3.7, whether i set 'high performance' or 'low power'
    The bios only lets me set the max turbo boost multiplier. The non-turbo boost multiplier cant be set over default - 33x for my 2500k. The high performance setting is to force the OS into full time turbo boost, but it doesnt seem to work.
    And when I set the cores to use a single frequency, it only allows a 59x multiplier. WTF?
  5. Do not buy an Intel mobo for overclocking. I am also having difficulties with it:

    People mostly recommend Asrock or Asus mobos for OC'ing, I wish I had followed this recommendation.
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