I am from the UK and this board is pretty good value for money from looking at the feature list.

I cant find any reviews on it tho, I want to know how it performs under large overclock's. For example, running an i5-750 from anywhere between 3.8-4.0Ghz.

Has anyone got an decent links on this or had any personal experience with this board?

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  1. Disclaimer - My comments are geared toward the Gigabyte boards - BUT apply to Asus board as they are just as good in many cases, Just my preference is Gigabyte.

    For a High OC I tend to go for the mid -> higher end boards for max OC (on air). Reason is that they tend to provide better voltage regulation. and the regulator circuits have more Phases and operate Cooler, better Heat sinks on Mofets.

    Current Gigabyte boards. First two have been great, Hoping 3r is good.
    Have the P965-DQ6 for Overclocked E6400 (3.2 GHz for past 3 years)
    Have P55-UD4P for I5-750 @ 3.6 - stable @ 3.8. Prefered over P55A-UD4p if you plan on SLI or Xfire)
    Just bought the H55M-UD2H for a I3-530 build (No OC planned, but might try a MILD OC) This one is only for email, internet and LOWWWWW end games)
  2. Thanks both for your input. I agree that in theory, heatsinks on the Mosfets and and more power phases is better however, the GA-H55M-UD2H and GA-P55m-UD2 dont have these and can easily oc an i5-750 to 4.0Ghz. So in practice its not always important.

    Having read into this board a little more I think I will go for it. Esp as the way Gigabyte design their bios, you get pretty much the same features with all their models, regardless of whether it is low or high end hardware.

    Thanks again.
  3. Another point to remember is that MOSFETs are made to run hot - it's pretty much 'what they do for a living'! So long as you have adequate case airflow, I think it's overall pretty unimportant - but, then again, I don't generally condone cranking up the voltage over-limit on parts to get that last one MHz out of 'em, either... [:bilbat:2]
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