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I keep getting random blue screen errors each time I boot my PC, and at random times. Sometimes I just freeze while trying to boot. Sometimes I get the blue screen with randoms like sr.sys or usbport.sys or nothing besides the codes. Every time the codes are different. Win xp, Q6600, maximus ii formula, tried 2 vid cards, hds, ram, and no fix. Been stable 2 years now, last 2 weeks have been hell.
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  1. What has changed in the last 2 weeks? Added/removed any hardware, any new software?
  2. Bah, wouldn't let me edit. Btw Hi I'm Daniel, moderately advanced user.
    1st post :D

    To add on to what I said earlier it started out a few weeks ago with games freezing up and the screen turning pink purple, with the sound repeating. While the PC tried to function when you hit alt tab, it wouldn't work properly so I had to force a reboot. I finally decided to open it up, sprayed out the dust, then formated fresh. About that time I started to have serious problems. The blue screen of death started to show up. Immediately after a fresh format, explorer would have an error and have to report it. (I hadn't even finished installing the drivers from the CD, let alone get on the net). Problems continued, for a while I couldn't even get it to restart past the early booting up. One shop said it was the vid card, nope, then the ram, nope, new shop, it's your hard drive, nope. Still have the same problems. I've replaced the ram, readded all the ram, neither made a difference. (1 gig sticks) I've flashed the bios to the newest version, no such luck either.

    Other errors listed would be NTFS.SYS - Address B7E2C74F, 0x00000024, 0x0000000A, 0x0000008E and many other codes. (Those were the 1st codes of their own lines)

    Any help would be grealy appreciated.
  3. if not the hdd then maybe it the motherboard capacitors. check those solid caps to be sure there not bent and/or bad. I cant say that there the problem for you but some of those errors can be cause by them. 1 of them you mentioned that i know bad caps can cause is the BSOD.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Any little bit helps, im gonna have to check in the morning. It's 10 20 here atm. also how can I check if the capacitors are bad? and any hope of fixing them? if the pins are bent, can you bend them back? Or should I just look into replacing the mobo?

    Also would the processor cause these problems? I really want to get this machine back up and running, and I'd rather not go blow more cash than I already have. :(
  5. Can't see any bent pins, any other ideas?
  6. Blue screen errors are normally caused by faulty ram or bad driver’s particularly video drivers, try running a memory testing program such as memtest86, also try swapping out the power supply.
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