Ubuntu not seeing AMD quad core

I have Ubuntu 9.10 install on an AMD quad core asus mb, but it is clear from running the system monitor that is has only "seen" one CPU.

On another system I have an Intel dual core, and that shows both cores as expected.

Any ideas?
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  1. Try cpuid (cpu-z) a free download.
  2. o1die said:
    Try cpuid (cpu-z) a free download.

    How will that help me? It seems to be only a Windows executible, and just show the type of mb and CPU. My problem is that Ubuntu 9.10 treats it as a single core (apparently).
  3. Ubuntu doesn't have to see 4 cores for the cpu to work. Only the motherboard has to have support for your cpu. Ubuntu is an imperfect software; if you want more toys and support, go with windows ultimate. It works great, especially with a directx 10 or 11 video card.
  4. Actually, it was the BIOS - I went through it and enabled "ACPI" and (?) "EACPI" and now I see 4 cores as I'd hoped.
  5. Great. Learned something new.
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