Fan on GTX 275 Graphics Card Stops!

Not sure what the issue is, however, I noticed that the fan on my new GTX 275 would Stop in the middle of an intense game or when it reaches a temperature over 95C. Obviously this leads to it getting over heated. This seems to happen whenever I have the automatic fan settings enabled in Nvidia's Ntune Utilities. I have since manually set the fan at 80 - 90 percent whenever I start playing any games and that seems to help prevent the fan from stopping. Is this normal? has anyone else had this problem?
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  1. Thats odd....maybe Ntune interfiering with the drivers....ive never heard of this before!!!!
  2. Yeah, I've been using Nvidia GPUS for years and have never experienced this issue before. I have to completely shut down, wait for about 5 minutes and then turn on the system again before the fan starts running again. Is it possible that the card is getting so hot that the fan control circuits on the GPU overheat?

    Note: My system isn't overclocked so I am not pushing it.
  3. Note2: I am running an Abit Fatal1ty SLI mainboard, Q6600 Processor, a couple of Hard Drives, Blu-ray drive and thats about it. Plenty of space around card, Kingwin Mach 1 power 800watt Power Supply.

    Could it be as simple as a bad card? I've been in the industry for 25 years and I'm not ready to jump to that conclusion just yet. I believe that maybe its an issue with the latest version of Ntune, however, I can't rule out the possibility of the fan logic on the Graphics Card being bad.
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