Cheap Upgrade Advice. 250-300$

Current PC specs:

Brand: Compaq Presario SR1563CL
Motherboard: unknown >.<
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.41ghz
PSU: 550w PowerUP. Link for Details:
GPU: ATI Radeon 9550 256mb AGP x8
RAM: 1.5gb pc3200 ddr
HDD: 250gb WD or Seagate i forget.

Used for: gaming / browsing net. only play FinalFantasy XI Online & was hoping to try out Aion.

got advice to upgrade the gpu/ram.. but i guess upgrading the gpu with my current cpu will make it bottlenecked and not really perform as it should? so was looking for a cheap build around 250$ or so for a cpu/mobo/gpu/ram. searched newegg and found some parts but dont know if theres better/cheaper ones. think the link should work for the wishlist of the cpu/mobo/gpu/ram because its kinda hard trying to playing with 5-10fps on a mmo.. the advice i got was for AGP x8 radeon HD 4670 or 3850 and 2x G.skill DDR PC3200 ram.

AGP x8 GPU's + PC3200 RAM:

HD 4670

HD 3850

G.Skill PC3200 2gb

Wishlist for newer CPU/MB/GPU/RAM (if MB fits my compaq case? >.<):
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  1. you need to make your wishlist public or jus list parts with links
  2. not worried about MIR's. my motherboard in pc atm is micro atx, not sure that 1 i found would fit this case >.< though this 1 does have agp + 3x pci slots might be the case im thinking about thats mid-atx or something..
  3. CPU + Mobo combo $120

    RAM $65

    GPU $100

    Total is $285; this gives you a 2.8 GHz Athlon II X2, an HD 4850, 4 GB DDR2 1066, and a Gigabyte mobo
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