Using VPN after connecting with Remote Desktop

so, i have a home PC running windows 7 pro and a laptop running windows xp pro. what i would like to do is run software from my university, which is installed on my home PC, from my laptop using a remote desktop. however the software must be run through the university vpn for the license to work.

i have been able to connect with remote desktop, however when i try to connect to the university vpn over this connection, using the windows 7 built-in network and sharing center, it cannot connect to the vpn. i should mention the vpn works fine before remote desktop connects.

why is this not working? it must be more complicated than i think it is.

thanks in advance
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  1. The vpn is probably trying to direct ALL network activity to the university, which would kill your remote desktop connection and is being blocked from doing so by RDP.
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