Google Earth ate my OCZ Vertex Turbo

So, if you've got an OCZ drive and lots of problems, I would suggest trying an uninstall of Google Earth. My problems went away with the replacement drive until I installed Earth; then they came back. Uninstalling Earth then eliminated the problems.
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  1. That's bizzare. I've been using an Intel X-25M G2 drive for 18 months with Google Earth with no issues whatsoever. And my profile is on the SSD which means that Google Earth's cache is there as well...
  2. Reminds me of the compatability problems with memory and motherboards.
  3. You can use the google earth inside google maps, practically the same thing, just lacks the search and tools of the actual program.
  4. Chucky_22 I have no problem like u ,running Vertex.

    Your problem is somewhere else.

    Describe your issues.
  5. blackhawk1928

    Sounds about right
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