5870 or 5870X2

This has probably already been asked, but
k i want to upgrade my graphics card (im using a 4850 512), but still on the fence about which one of these i should get
5850X2 (not so much)
obviously the 5870x2 would be the best in performance, but apparently will cost 599... thats a lot. the 5870 is 379 (id rather get the 2gb version ~499), and im sure that could last i long time
im looking for a card thats future proof for a couple years, maxing out all games. im just wondering which one is better for the money and how long you think each would last. i have lots of room in my case if i move around some hdds, my corsair tx750w should be able to take any of these (with 4 6+2 pcie power). i also have only one pcie x16, so i cant buy a 5870 and add one later. im not gonna buy a new motherboard unless its got new stuff, like usb 3.0 and sata III, which then i would have to buy a new processor and ddr3 ram. the 5850X2 is alright... im open to anything

1920x1200 dvi
windows 7 professional x64
AMD Phenom II 940 quad 3.5GHz
3 500GB 16MB cache 7,200RPM RAID0
i use a 360 controller
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  1. yup. a single 5870 is the best option. Direct X 11 is now cover 10
  2. 2gigs makes no diff, wit till fermi is released, then 5870x2 will be $400
  3. No matter what card you get, 3 months later it will be outclassed. To my mind, today, the best deal is twin 5850's. If DX11 is going to bring more of what Dx10 brought, frankly I don't see the excitement. If anything about PhysX intrigues you, ya might wanna wait for whatever nVidia has in the oven come thanksgiving. If ya not in a rush, I expect we'll see both new generations (the next 4870x2 and GTX295) top out come late spring.
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