OK . . . my turn! ATI HD 4890 & Windows 7 64b Issue?

hello all,

i have built a new system and like a fool i decided to commit it to Windows 7 64B! yep i did that? anyways . . . here i am now . . .

i have a Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X 1Gb graphics card plugged in my new ASUS M4A79T Deluxe + Phenom II X3 955 3.2GHz + 4Gb + HighPoint Hardware RAID RR4320 in RAID10 & JBOD (Boot). i have the latest W7 64b drivers installed and the latest bios 2002 for the mobo.

OK now to my concern (not sure if its an issue yet).

who has the HD4890 running under W7 64b?

i am not sure its running optimally? the video, etc. looks no better than my $25 Nvida PCIe card! really. the 3D test that ATI has in Catalyst looks cheap! seriously no better than a $25 GPU.

opinions? i am assuming the W7 64b driver is not finished? what should i do? i have the 9.9xxx driver set running.

BTW: should i get the latest drivers from ASUS chipset or go to ATI for the latest drivers?

i know someone out there has my graphics setup under W7.

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  1. wait what? you mean x4 not x3 and all graphics card basically look the same when your using it but look different in games
  2. right, i mean X4!

    surely, but wouldn't hi-res screens look better?

    the ATI 3D test look cheap also.

    any idea why it will not fill wide-screen full screen, i.e. black bars on L & R edges.

  3. What does it look like for you? I have an XFX HD 4890 and Win7 64-bit, and all my games run fine and look great. The only problem I've noticed is that my Auto Tune feature in CCC never works right, but thats fine since I overclocked it on my own already.
  4. it has a black bar on the extreme L & R as if its not doing w2ide-screen.

    i think its the card.

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