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I'm looking for a motherboard for gaming that I can build a system on. I'm on an extremely tight budget but would like one that offers upgrade options while not paying for unnecessary features. I've decided on an AMD build for this reason.

I do not plan on overclocking at all and an IGP is not necessary. I'm undecided on DDR2 or DDR3. I plan on starting out with the Athlon II 240 cpu.

The price should be <$60. Any suggestions would be welcome and looked into.
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  1. Here are a couple to look at.
    These are the ones from manufacturers I would buy from. Most of them only have 2 sockets for RAM, but you only need 4 gigs at this point for most systems.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Toms's hardware forum.

    1- Do you need video onboard?
    2- Is better DDR3
    3- Do you want Crossfire?
  3. I'll decide for you on the ram: go with ddr3 even if it costs a few dollars more.
    I recommend the msi 760GM-E51 for $69.99 plus shipping at newegg. For a few dollars extra, you get 4 ram slots and hdmi support. You'll need a usb or wireless mouse, which most folks already have. I've had good luck with msi boards recently, including overclocking with their low end boards.
  4. I'm with you on the MSI board- thats why I threw it on the comparison even though it was more expensive. I've also absolutely loved my MSI boards lately- I'm running the P55-GD80 and its been AMAZING. DDR3 is also the way to go. (should have said that in my previous post, but I guess it might be a little obvious as all the boards I listed are DDR3.)
  5. MSI is a very good manufacturer. Currently I have a MSI K9A2 Platinum with a Phenom II X4 955 (waiting that my Hyper212+ arrive), 4GB, and a GTX260, and with this old mobo I can OC my 955 'till 3.8GHz
  6. Thanks for the input guys. That MSI does look like a good way to go. Although the integrated graphics arent really needed unless the Hybrid Crossfire is actually worth using.

    It would be perfect if there was a board out there that had an extra PCE x16 for true crossfire instead of the IGP.
  7. YEah- that would be nice, and there are boards like that, but not for <$70ish. Its hard to get a cheap mobo WITHOUT IGP these days because most cheapo systems are just gonna use IGP anyway.
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