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Hello, I have an ECS 6100PM-M2 motherboard (Rev. 2) with 4 SATA 1 (??) ports and I cannot seem to determine the maximum capacity of SATA drive this board can handle.. The BIOS says "Phoenix - Award Workstation BIOS" but lists no version number. The ECS website lists everything else. Tiger Direct used to sell this board and still has it listed as unavailable, with lots of info, but no mention of capacity. Thanks in advance for any help - Toney
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    FWIW, an ECS 6100PM-M2 owner at the following thread is using a WD15EARS 1.5TB SATA drive:

    Therefore I suspect that 2TB drives would also be OK.

    You could search for other users' configurations:
  2. Wow, thanks. You have me on the right track now.
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  4. ToneyD said:
    Wow, thanks. You have me on the right track now.

    The ECS board features 4 sata2 ports, and will run a 1.5TB HDD, but it is a bit funky. After my 1TB failed, and my 1.5 was making strange noises i contacted ECS support, they said:
    "we have test 2TB HDD for this board,please ensure that the two hdd which you test can be used OK on another board,thanks!
    Please make sure the BIOS is the latest one, "

    I plan to ditch ECS and cant recommend them.
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