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I have a thermaltake xaser III case and am wondering if I can modify the air intake to accept 120mm fans. By design it accepts 80mm fans.
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  1. see if you can cut out the area to make a bigger hole, the screw holes shud b easy
  2. Which Thermaltake Xaser III pc case do you have? There are three different models.
  3. GEE! That case comes with 7 of those orange 80mm cases installed.

    I do case mods. I use a 4 inch hole saw to cut openings for 120mm fans. I am inclined to say there isn't enough room for two 120mm fans. The only way to tell for sur is to actually measure the available space.

    How's the ventilation and airflow through the door on the front bezel? It looks like the door restricts airflow which affects cooling.
  4. That was my thought as well however I look every couple of weeks and the dust filters need cleaning. I still have those orange fans, or at lease the ones that haven't died on me yet. I have since upgraded the components to have a core 2 duo inside. I have been monitoring the core temps recently and the idle temp is around 40c and when both cores are 100% it jumps to almost 70c. This is the reason why I was looking to add larger fans. I have also considered getting a new case, however I haven't found one that I really like.
  5. TBH, I would be more worried about that crappy PSU than the fans...

    I agree that you probably will not be able to fit two 120mm fans in the front.
    You could probably butcher the side panel and slap a few on there.

    Is there any reason you want to mod this case for 120mm fans?
    Seems it has plenty of airflow as it is.
    Is it just loud or something?
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