Should I use 2 64GB SSD in raid or one 128 GB SSD?

I currently have one Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (in reality 59.5 GB) in my computer running my OS and programs while also having over 2TB HDD to hold my other stuff (pictures, music, videos, ect). After installing everything: OS, Virus protection programs, drivers, and many programs I'm down to less then 5GB left.

I got a code from Newegg that takes 15% off Crucial SSD that expires the 24th and I was thinking of geting the 128 M4 SSD on sale for $214.99 but today I saw the "Shell Shock" day deal for another 64GB for $99.99 today only.

I did some calculations and found:
164 GB SSD (really 59.5 GB SSD = $84.99 (with the code) (one day only today)
2 64 GB SSD (really 59.5 GB thus total of 119 GB) SSD = $169.98 (with the code) (one day only today)
1 128 (most likly 122.5 GB) SSD = $182.74 (for 3.5 GB more I'll be paying $12.76 extra) (with the code) (till the end of 23)

I have a Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard so I have two Intel 6GB sata connections and Two Marvell 9128 6GB Sata connections.

I read that only Intel's Sata 6GB can handle Raid for SSD and Marvell can't further more Marvell drivers still don't handle TRIM.

Should I get one more M4 64GB SSD today and setup a raid (also which raid would be best (I'm still a new to this)) or should I get one 128GB SSD M4? Which is better for me and what are the pros and cons of each?

What use is Marvell's connections and what would benefit being connected to them? This will be another question but I hope to answer quickly the ones on top first due to the time limit.
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  1. 1) I would get the Crucial m4 64GB and put the system in RAID0 for the maximum performance at the cheapest price on the Intel controller.

    2) You could run your mechanical drives off of the Marvell controller.
  2. tecmo34 said:
    1) I would get the Crucial m4 64GB and put the system in RAID0 for the maximum performance at the cheapest price on the Intel controller.

    2) You could run your mechanical drives off of the Marvell controller.

    Thank you for responding but unfortunate the ^$GB is now sold out 1 hour ago and I didn't take it.

    I'm disappointed but now I'm looking into buying one Crucial M4 CT256M4SSD2 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) or two 128. This could be a good thing as while I didn't expect to need 64GB more storage when I first got the SSD (I got the 64 due to it was cheaper then the others but that now is sort of biting me back very quickly) having only 128 GB now for the future with programs (and in the future if I/we are burning Duel-Layer Blu-rays which is 40GB of space needed) which are getting bigger with data 128 might not hack it in the long run of things. While in the future SSD might get cheaper and bigger in storage (or maybe replaced themselves) getting either right now one 128GB M4 Storage for $182.74 or two 128 GB M4 for $365.48 or one 256 GB M4 for $352.99 might be the real way to go. Its not just a matter of a good deal and cheapness but seeing how long I can my computer use additional 64GB till I find I have to buy another SSD with higher GBs (and I know constantly buying in short runs will cost me more. Overall after writing this getting either the two 128 GBs M4 and setting them in Raid 0 for $$365.48 or getting one 256GB M4 for 352.99 sounds like the best choice.

    I know the the numbers the companies gives us is never true (such as the 64GBs really was 59.5GBs) so getting two 128 GB M4 won't really equal in storage to the 256 by a few GBs so between the two which now sounds better:

    One 256GB M4 (VERY slightly more GBs plus leaves one Sata connection open for the future which I can currently put the 64GB SSD in (as is wouldn't be wise to put one into the Marvell unless no other options was left) and is about $12-$13 dollars cheaper)
    Two 128GB M4 (slightly less GBs and slightly more expensive and would need to fill both Intel 6GBs Sata slots on my motherboard but in a positive give me slightly better performance due to the RAID 0 setup)

    I now have until the end of the 23rd or when one sells out as well to grab either one with my discount code.
  3. One of the biggest things that held me back is reading the loss of TRIM on SSDs that is in Raid 0 however recently I read a topic that basically wrote that with GC (Garbage Collection) that all SSDs have even in Raid 0 already does the same job as Trim so setting up any SSD in a Raid configuration while you lose TRIM you don't lose GC that does practically TRIM's job thus TRIM to me seems no longer necessary to the equation in any means including putting SSD's in a Marvell controller though Intel controllers are still better in speed (unless I wrong about Marvell in that SSD still have GC and if so please tell me).
    So with GC the Trim factor is forfeited and Raid is fine to be setup for two SSDs? If yes then the two 128GB M4 sounds like the best deal of the two options overall.
    Last while all SSDs have GC I read based on firmware of the company the handling of the SSD's GC is different. How does Crucial M4's handle the GC matter?
    Can anybody backup/support my info or correct it if I'm wrong. I'm good with technology but I'm not yet anywhere near being a advance computer master so I'm hoping for everybody's support, critical thinking, and knowledge to help and ease my worries! I hope to have an answer soon as I hope to buy it today or tomorrow due to time limit for my coupon code.
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