Unable to do blind flash as pc hangs agter gc bios checkup at pc boot.

i know that i have to reflash my graphic card with my original bios with a bootable usb(and i had made it) but the real problem is when i start the computer with 9400 gt plugged, it just hangs at the graphic card bios checkup. the bootable pendrive also don't light up(as it will boot after graphic card bios checkup) :sweat: . is there any physical way on the graphic card to clear the bios.or just tell me a method to bypass graphic card bios check up at startup, so that pc don't hangs there and bootable usb will do its work of reflashing the bios.but i think if pc will bypass gc bios checkup then it cannot identify graphic card and nvflash will say"no nvidia adapter found".
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  1. lol this is on extreme overclocking . since its solved , i want to know how you made the bootable usb
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