Msi GTX 260 Frozr OC pci-e 2.0 problem

Yesterday I get Nvidia MSI 260 GTX Frozr OC as replacement for my old Gigabyte 8800gt. My mb is Gigabyte EX38-DQ6 (pcie 2.0). Now I have problem. In Gpu-z and nvidia system info I get info, that gtx260 work in "pci-e x16@x16" mod (pcie v1.0). In Everst is much clearer " PCI Express 1.0 x16: MSI N260GTX (MS-V177)".
With old vga in gpu-z I get "pci-e 2.0 x16@x16". I try to use my 'backup' vga, Asus 9600gt and same info, "pci-e x16@x16" Is this gigabyte problem? Or maybe my new card is faulty?
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  1. sounds like its just reading the card wrong...
    could be a faulty BIOS on the card... or just the mobo reading it wrong
    it most likely doesn't effect performance
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