HP all-in-one scanner drivers stop working

Every time I reboot my computer (XP Home, older system), my HP 2610 All-In-One scanner stops working. The little screen tells me "You need to install or run HP software for this feature." I actually have to uninstall first, since the driver install .exe file recognizes that there's already a set of drivers on the box and only offers me "uninstall" or "add another (HP) product". So I uninstall and reinstall, having to reboot AGAIN during the process, and then the scanner works.

I got the printer at a yard sale and so had to go find the drivers, but it works beautifully when it works; it's just this one annoying thing that it does.

But a computer does need rebooted from time to time, and EVERY time my computer is turned off, the scanner drivers stop working.

I have the most up-to-date drivers available, taken from HP's own site. Can anybody suggest a workaround even?

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  1. Sounds like it's not saving settings on shutdown/reboot.
    I shutdown my computer daily, personally I think it's good practice for many technical reasons.
    All-In-One I assume is a printer and a fax or the likes ?
    First you can try and do a clean driver installation, by getting an uninstaller from HP to remove any and all hidden drivers leftover. Then install clean and shutdown. If this is not working, then it fails to register the drivers into windows registry. Also a security software may block installation of HP as service, without you knowing.
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