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Hey so I currently have a 1TB 7200rpm drive ( partitioned equally for organization reasons ) and I have just got a 150GB and 300GB VelociRaptors. I was wondering how I might be able to move everything on to the 150GB ( like windows and boot ) and use the 1tb for storage. Would it be as simple as drag and drop? But it'd still be recgonized as main drive then wouldnt it?

Anyways :P Any help is appreciated,

Thank you very much in advance. :)
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  1. You need backup software that can also make images. Try clonezilla or Macrium Reflect. I just used Reflect to image a drive with 3 partitions and was able to restore and resize the partitions on a new drive with no problem (including the OS partition).
  2. Thanks, but what about this:

    Right now in the system I have 1TB of space, and Im using maybe 60 GB or so

    I bought two velociraptors and I want to buy a 32 GB SSD for boot.

    So how would I get just the boot stuff onto the ssd, and move the extra stuff (programs) onto the velociraptors?

    Therefore leaving my current 11TB 7200RPM for movie etc.

    Thankyou Hawkeye22 for your help so far :)
  3. Doh! My apologies. I didn't see the part where you are moving the OS from a HDD to a SSD. In this case I can't recommend cloning your OS partition over. Your best option really is a clean install of the OS. SSD's require your sata ports in the bios to be set at AHCI in order to use TRIM and other features of the SSD. Also, a clean install will ensure proper sector alignment on the SSD. Check the SSD part of the forums or do a serch in the forums as I do believe I remember a tutorial on how to setup a SSD as a boot drive.
  4. I believe there are ways to migrate from a mechanical drive to an SSD and get it to work right, IOW there is cloning software that will maintain alignment. And there are guides on the net and on this site to tell you how to set up the SSD. However this is moving the OS AND programs to another drive. If you want your OS On one drive and your programs on another drive, you would have to reinstall the programs.
  5. What if I took out my current HDD, and put in my SSD and veloci raptors ( raptors in raid 10 with a 500gb 7200RPM as the backup) and then do a clean install on the SSD for windows, then I just take the old HDD and plug it in, and transfer steam games and programs onto the raptors..... would that work?
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    Satchel said:
    then I just take the old HDD and plug it in, and transfer steam games and programs onto the raptors..... would that work?

    You will be hit or miss with installed programs. Some programs want to be installed from scratch so they get DLL's put in the right place and get registered into the registry. Other programs you just copy their folder somewhere and they work fine.
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  8. Alrgiht thanks (Y)
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