My laptop is busted how can I use its Hard Disk as an external storage device?

Guys I have hp TX 100 notepad and it has AMD Processor with Built in NVIDIA Graphic Card. It got busted and now I need to copy data from the Hard Drive. Please help me on how can i use the Laptop's HDD as an external storage device? what amendments do I have to make?
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  1. It sort of depends on what machine you want to use to recover the data.

    The first step is always to remove the hard drive from the dead machine. Of course, if the machine is dead because the hard drive is fried, you won't have much luck.

    I don't see specifications for this device online, so I can't tell if you have an IDE or SATA drive in there, with standard or micro connections. What you do next also depends on this.

    In the simplest case, if the drive has standard connectors and you have a desktop to use for recovery, you just connect the drive the a free port of the appropriate type, and to power, and boot up your desktop. Presto, there are your files.

    Slightly more complicated, you could buy a gadget like this: . For twenty bucks, it makes a temporary connection to USB for any drive. Then you throw out the old drive.

    The most complicated solution would be to buy a USB enclosure and make the old drive a long-term external device. Which one to buy will, again, depend on what kind of drive is in there.

    Do you have a manual or CD that came with the machine that will specify what type of drive is in there and how to remove it? Are you, by any chance, still within the warranty period?
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