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which graphics card for desktop is better?
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  1. you need to be more specific.
    do you have a budget?

    the best card out there is the dual GPU 5970.

    the best single GPU solution is the 5870, followed by the 5850. or if you are on a budget, the 5770 is the way to go.

    but right now, theres no reason not to get an ATI 5xxx series card. they are the best cards available.
  2. Why is it that people with ZERO knowledge about computers always have tons of money to spend on them? ;-)
  3. I lol'd!! Herr_Koos :P
  4. I cried softly.... ;-)
  5. go for two Radeon HD 5970 in crossfire..... :pt1cable: :lol:
  6. ^ and add a high-end Nvidia card with cracked drivers for physx!!!
  7. Quote:
    which graphics card for desktop is better?

    Sorry, we're not being very helpful, I know.. :D Please tell us what your budget is and what you plan to do with the card (gaming, general home use, graphic design, etc)
  8. Radeon 4670 is you have a weak psu with no 6pin connector. Other wise if you've got a good psu than the radeon 5770, 5850, 5870 or whatever may fall into your budget.
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