i have a vtx radion agpX8 graphics card 2 gig of memory pc-2 5300 ,
was playing cod modern warfare at max graphics etc using windows 7 ultra all very happy i have accidentially destroyed my motherboard a asus p5vdc-mx but i have order on ebay a 3.7 gig 670 pent 4ht l2 cach was currently using pent 4ht 3.2gz but the single cache version so i want a nother motherboard but struggle for finding agp socket 775 with more than 2 gig max ram allowence can someone recommend a board for me that had more ram allowence i dont have much monney hence the agp but hell the vtx agp has 1 gig meneory its a 4650 hdi and it allows me play all the games etc thx for reading this
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  1. It will be almost impossible to find one with more slots. Why don't you just buy a set of two 2 GB DIMMs and use those instead of getting a motherboard with more slots?
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