VIdeo card migration/OC

As some of you may have know, I'm doing a video card migration from a 7900GS to a 5870, as per my long lifecycle deal.

So here is the steps I think I should be using to migrate it.

OS is windows 7 RC 7100 64-bit

remove nvidia drivers from programs with it's own installer
reboot with nvidia card into safe mode
use driver sweeper from guru3d (only one that works on windows 7 64 I think)
shut down, swap cards
install newest cata drivers.
and done

So a few other things, I have some games that needed the phyx thing installed, do I need to remove those, or are they vender neutral still after nvidia brought them out?
and would the steps be similar to the one above? Just remove the phyx driver/program and then run sweeper in safe mode?

Lastly, for OCing, do I need a special driver or are there separate programs like riva tuner for nvidia that I can use for OCing. my last ATI card was the 9200 and that was a long time ago where I have no idea what OCing was.
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    Depending on which games, they should work, but they won't look quite as pretty (in reality they will look prettier since you're going to a 5870). As for OCing, there's always catalyst and amd overdrive, but they don't always work; ATI tool hasn't been updated in years, and doesn't even support the HD 4000 series cards, so they probably won't support 5000 series without a new version (current is 0.26). With that said, I use rivatuner to OC my 4870 (I know, its called "rivatuner" but it still works on ATI hardware). It might take a new release to support the new architecture, but you can always give the current version a try.
  2. Hmm on third thought, any 8xxx nvidia CPU can do physx? Can I plug in a 8500 GT or a 8400GS as a dedicated physx card with the 5870? With the recent driver hack that is.

    And that hacked driver would only affect physx drivers and not like ati cata stuff right?
  3. In theory you could; I'm not very familiar with running multiple gpus like that but you can give it a try.
  4. ok so for at least physx, i should or should not unistall / reinstall drivers? with a single card that is
  5. For the single card, yes.
  6. PhysX required a 8000 series card with at least 512MB RAM, which exclused the 8400/8500.
  7. I guess that finishes that idea, unless you want to spring for an 8600 GT, or above.
  8. perfect...... uninstall it is
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