Windows XP deleted my password?

So the problem is that when i was using my laptop i didn\t notice that my laptop batery got low and then my laptop shut down.

I restarted my laptop only to find that I couldn\t login on my admin account anymore :heink:

I can only use my guest account now and any attempts to change my password through the cmd has failed.

it says the i don\t have permission which is true because i have set my admin account to b protected (which i regret now :fou: )

is thee a way for me to change my laptop admin password without installig software that requires me to burn something on a cd and run

Could the password be changed in safemode or is there another way in cmd to change the password then

net user (username) * ?

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  1. Im sorry this sounds like a legitimate password issue but its against Toms policy to give information on retrieving your password.

    Theres just no way to verify you are the owner.
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