Update new data to DMI?

my husband is trying to re-build my computer. He replaced the mother board, hard drive; when he tried to start it up it said "update new data to DMI"? where do we go from here?
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  1. At that point ,depending on motherboard press "Enter" or "Y" for yes.
  2. Well, it also sez Boot disk falure, insert system disk and press enter, but it is not working, Windows is not installed and I can't boot from CD. I keep getting the same messages, the update new data to DMI and Boot disk falure when ever I attempt to install the CD it's like its not recognizing it.
  3. When the computer first starts press "delete" or another key specified in your motherboard manual to enter bios.
    Arrow over to boot menu.
    Set first boot device to CD-Rom. Arrow over to Exit
    Arrow down to "Save Settings and Exit"
    Press "Enter" On pop up press "Enter"
    Computer reboots and displays "press any key to boot from CD-Rom.
    Press any key. Computer should now boot from cd.
  4. If you could post your motherboard I or someone else could give better, more specifis instructions
  5. Unolocogringo said:
    At that point ,depending on motherboard press "Enter" or "Y" for yes.

    Hi Rick,

    It's me again. I did the press delete on start-up and I cannot find the "boot menu" I think am at the very begining of the initial motherboard install.

    It is CMOS set-up utility, there is an option there (F11) to save CMOS to BIOS. Should I go ahead and save it? Will that put me into the "boot menu" menu?

    The mother board we purchased is:

    GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 motherboard (GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H/, GA-MA785GMT-UD2H/, GA-MA785GMT-US2H/).

  6. If I'm not too late her we go.

    When the computer boots hit "Delete" during the first screen which shows processor memory etc...

    On page 37 of your manual you see a sample bios main menu screen.
    Arrow down to "Advanced BIOS Features"
    Hit "Enter"
    Page 47 shows the Advanced bios features screen.
    Arrow down to "First Boot Device"
    Hit "Enter"
    Arrow down to "CDROM"
    Hit "Enter"
    Now hit "F10" to save and exit
    Hit "Y" for yes and "Enter" to save and exit on the pop up screen.
    The computer shouldd reboot and boot from the CDRom now.
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