4850x2 ATI Driver causes BSOD on Windows 7 x64 RTM

Sys Spec:

I7 920 @ stock
Asus P6T6WS
12gb DD3 OCZ ram
Corsair 750watt PSU
WD BE 640gb

Everytime I install the 9.9 catalyst driver, even on a fresh install of Windows 7 when i restart the computer it would cause a BSOD. Now when windows does an update and try to install new video driver for itself that also cause BSOD. The only way for me to boot into windows again is Safe Mode, uninstall and remove driver. The driver that comes with windows work but trying anything else = BSOD! help me!
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  1. First of all don't install the video driver which windows update reports,update your driver from ATI's site,also try Cat 9.8,I've seen many problems reported from users with Cat 9.9
  2. Thank you for the quick reply Maziar I tried both driver from Microsoft and ATI but both BSOD on me after installation. I've also just tried your suggestion with Cat 9.8 no such luck. This time it bluescreen on me when the monitor turn off.
  3. So no drivers work well for u ? even older ones like 9.6 etc ?
  4. nope lol I never intended to install Catalyst drivers because Window 7 worked out of the box.
  5. Have u tried VISTA/XP ?
  6. vista/xp works w/o issue its just windows 7
  7. Did you install the video card driver before or after motherboard chipset driver?

    Install the motherboard chipset driver first before the video card driver.
  8. Everything works fine, nothing is excluded in the Win 7 installation. What happends was I tried to install Catalyst for windows 7 before and it didnt work so I gave up. Now when windows 7 tries to do and update it BS right away. I isolated the problem as the video card driver (yes microsoft's update driver causes it) . The only way for windows to work again is if I go into safe mode and delete the new driver so now Im super curious as to what is wrong with it.
  9. hmm it's strange since it works fine under both vista/XP,the new Cat 9.10 is coming out soon,test with it,here is a link to DL the beta version of Cat 9.10 test with it :
  10. Nope Maziar tried new Cat 9.10, same result.
  11. Strange really,u may want to wait for the final release of windows 7 which is on 22 October,when u don't have problems with vista/XP then i don't think your sys has a problem
  12. Hi, I have an msi ati hd 4350. I installed the catalyst 9.4 drivers, works perfectly. The only thing is, when I want to go back to the msi ati drivers, I can't get them to install, even if I remove the ati folder and the drivers from the system32 folder. I want to use the msi drivers because it has the dynamic overclocking.
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