Should I be worried with these temperatures

Hi, Im new here =]

I just got myself a 600W Extreme Power plus PSU, and a Saphire HD 6850 graphics card.
My other specs of my computer are; (Im no computer expert mind you so forgive me for any vague details)

Intel Core i5-750 (Up to 2.66ghz)
1 Tb hard drive
4 GB DDR3 Ram
Mid size ATX Case
- Height: 38.7 cm (15.23 inches)
- Width: 17.5 cm (6.89 inches)
- Length: 41.4 cm (16.29 inches)

I've installed the new PSU and GPU just recently, and have noticed that my temperature of my GPU skyrockets to 90-95 Celsius, which worries me after checking a few other forum threads online. Its resting temperature is ~60 Celcius.
My computer has fairly decent spacing and my room temperature is around 22 Celcius

Should I be worried about this and what are some solutions,
Help would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. Those temps are too high IMO, but I would like to know the ambient temps and temps in CPU. I suggest you create a fan profile using MSI Afterburner to low the GPU temps.
  2. + 1 saint19. Your GPU SHOULD NOT BE @ 60 C at idle. What sort of cooling does it have? Are the fan(s) defective? Do you have a power plug for the fans that is not connected?

    If your current cooling is working, then you should either mod out the GFX card with an aftermarket cooler, or RMA the current card it you can.
  3. 6850 ati card, 40-50c idle (50% fan speed) 75-85c while gaming (80% fan speed)
    have you set your fan speed on manual and set it to low???
  4. One solution is buying a decent case with proper airflow.
    Preferably one that features bottom mount psu and the ability to mount more then 2 fans.
    5+ fan mounts is best.
  5. A case with three or more fan can cool a GPU in a decent way.
  6. To determine if you need better case airflow, test as follows:

    Open the side of your case and blow a house or desk fan on HIGH into your case. Game/benchmark/encode/Fold, etc as normal. If your temps go down with this test, you have a case airflow problem. If your temps remain relatively the same, you have a cooler limitation or mounting issue.

    One of the easiest ways to drop a video card's temps is to remove the stock cooler, clean the factory thermal paste, apply good thermal paste and remount the stock cooler. This can help temps drop 5-10C at 100%. Also consider checking your GPU's fan speed using an app like RivaTuner, at load as well.
  7. Wow

    Thanks so much for all the feedback guys =]
    I am pretty worried now, another thing i noticed is that I hear a slight chug sound in the fan as my cpu is running, and I am not expert, but I don't think that is normal. Im really tempted to use my laptop untill i solve this problem.
    I will definitely try all these options and get back to you. MY computer was a premade HP Pavilion p6395a. Here's a link for details;

    I now, as I said before, have a Extreme plus 600W PSU and HD Raedon 6850 gfx card. These are both brand new and I just installed them in yesterday.

    So what are some good applications to use to monitor and adjust fans and make profiles, as I am completely new to this Im afraid =[.

    Just for some extra information, my core temperatures are all around 40-50 degrees, and my hardrive is around 20 degrees.
    Its just my GPU that is burning up =[
  8. By the way, Im really new to modifying the fans, etc in the computer, how would I go about setting a safe efficient profile for my graphics card.

    Cheers for the help
  9. I FOUND the problem, I seriously need to cable manage it seems.
    One of the cables was nicking the gpu's fan, and it was the problem leading to such high temperatures.
    I removed the cable from that area, and problem solved;

    30 Celcius idle, and 50 Celcius when running skyrium on High settings =]! (fan running at 80% using MSI afterburn)
  10. I am not expert, but I don't think that is normal. Im really tempted to use my laptop untill i solve this problem.
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